Workstation Rebuilds and Maintenance

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, malicious programs infect our computers. When this happens ANS is your go to place for repairs. Because of our large client base, we are familiar with all of the most common infections and the best ways to recover from them. With this knowledge we are able to recommend the most efficient solution to your infection. Some infections require a full wipe and rebuild of the computer, while others are fixable in minutes. Our skilled technicians are able to determine the best course of action to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Server Installs and Maintenance

The heart of any company’s network is its servers. We understand this at ANS and have dedicated significant time to developing best practices to minimize down time of these key pieces of hardware. Over the years ANS has been directly involved in installing, upgrading, and migrating 100s of Windows servers. Over this time we have fine-tuned our practices to deliver a superior level of support and maintenance. Also, as a result of our hard work, we are able to accurately provide recommendations on new server hardware and upgrades to meet the needs of our clients.

Network Concepting and Consulting

Advanced Network Systems specializes in designing and implementing computer networks, both large and small. There is no charge for an initial network consultation. Formal, documented network audits can be conducted for a fee. We can custom configure your network and recommend cost-effective workstations from Dell® that will save you money. We’ll also recommend which Dell® server will best suit your company’s needs. After designing your computer network, we’ll help you to select which software will help you to best optimize your work environment, based on a detailed needs assessment.

Email & Web Hosting

Advanced Network Systems has a variety of hosting options available. Through our partnership with Liquid Web we are able to provide POP/IMAP email hosting and website hosting. We are also partnered with Microsoft to offer Office 365. With Office 365 our clients can enjoy the benefits of an Exchange server and the Microsoft Office Suite of products without the large upfront cost of an email server and multiple copies of the office products.

Advanced Monitoring Services

Advanced Network Systems uses our Advanced Monitoring Agent to keep an eye on your network and servers 24/7/365. This includes monitoring of Anti-Virus updates, backup completion, services running, hard drive health, and much more. With this service, we are notified within minutes of a problem occurring. For more details or to get a customized quote, please call our office at 401-723-6400.